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Valley Water District strives to maintain excellent communication and quality customer service. Here you'll find several articles we hope will be of interest and importance to you as you get to know more about your public water provider. We also count on you - the customer - to communicate your concerns and needs back to the District. When cooperation and communication flow smoothly, everyone benefits!

March 7, 2022Buttes Emergency Well Replacement Project

Buttes Emergency Well Replacement Project is scheduled to begin the week of March 21, 2022 - click the link below for more information.

Buttes Emergency Well Replacement Project Letter

UPDATE 8/14/2023

The new well is online and operational. The Contractor will be working on punchlist and restoration issues over the next few weeks. Please contact the District if you have any questions or concerns as this project gets wrapped up.

The District will evaluate the old well to determine if it can be rehabilitated and used as an emergency/backup source.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation through this project.

UPDATE 5/16/2023

The contractor will be performing electrical work on the pumps and motors tomorrow and will need to take the well offline. There should be NO impact to the community as the Reservoir will be full at the start of the day tomorrow. District staff will monitor water levels through telemetry, but we do not anticipate any issues with service.

Thank you

UPDATE 4/4/2023

The Contractor will be removing the equipment parked on the road by the end of this week. The contractor may be onsite securing the generator of the next few weeks (or when the materials are received), but will be back on site May 8th thru May 31st to complete connecting the well to the Buttes water infrastructure.

Thank you

UPDATE 3/21/2023

Unfortunately, supply chain delay issues continue to stall this project. The contratcor is waiting for the final piece of equipment that is anticipated to be recieved in 6 - 7 weeks. The contractor will then have 20 days to complete phase 2 of this project. At this point we anticipate completion by the end of May 2023.

UPDATE 11/4/2022

Contractor is scheduled to be onsite beginning next week November 10th to begin Phase 2 scope of work. As stated below this scope of work will include installation of new watermain, control panels, generator and full integration with the existing system. This scope of work is projected to be complete in March 2023.

Please contact the District if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.

UPDATE 9/19/2022 - DELAYED

The initial work of Phase 2 (connecting the new well to the existing system) is anticipated to take place in early to middle of October. The next phase of work will include installation of new watermain from the new well to the existing watermain infrastructure. The new well will not be integrated or operational until the control panels and new generator are installed and programmed in March/April of 2023. This scope of work should NOT have any impact to the existing system operations or access to the community. The delay in project completion is due to supply chain issues in obtaining the electrical controls and generator.

Please contact the District if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.

UPDATE 07/19/2022

The development and drilling of the well has been completed. Beginning Wednesday July 20th the well driller will be performing a 24 hour flow test on the well. This will not result in any water restrictions but residents may notice noise from the engine being used for the pumping and flow of water from the well site.

Phase 2 of connecting the new well to the distribution system will begin with the pipe installation in late July or early August. Unfortunately the installation of the controls and generator will not take place until closer to March 2023 due to supply chain issues.

Please contact the District if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.

Thank you - Valley Water District 253-841-9698

Faucet dripping? Toilet leaking? Water bill too high? Learn what you can do to save water - and money.

September 20, 2011Check for Toilet Leaks

The most common source of household water leaks is the toilet

..and since the toilet is also the largest user of household water, you will save water and money by repairing a leaking toilet as soon as possible.

Follow these easy steps to test your toilet today.

  1. Carefully lift the lid on the toilet tank (behind the toilet bowl) and place a few drops of food coloring in the water.
  2. Do not flush the toilet for at least 15 minutes.
  3. If any of the dye shows up in the bowl before flushing, you likely have a bad flapper and you are losing a significant amount of water between flushes.

To learn about the care and repair of toilets, check into an online class at Toiletology 101. Be amazed at how easy and expensive this do-it-yourself project really is.

January 19, 2024New billing due dates & Autopayment Information

Billing Policy Updated for 2024!

The District and the Board of Commissioners have reviewed the current billing policies and determined that changes should be made to create more consistency and time for customers to pay their bill on time. 

Bills will now be due on the 15th with a grace period until the end of the month before any late penalty is added.  

New Billing Policy Schedule:

S Current Bill: Due 15th of the month.

S Past Due Notice: 10% Late penalty is charged if payment is not received by the last day of the month the bills are due.

 S Termination Notice: $20.00 fee charged if payment is still not received by the 9th of the next month after the billing due date.

 S Disconnection: If payment is still not received by the 19th of the month (following the termination notice) the water meter may be locked and the $50 fee charged on the 20th.

Recurring payments - Automatic Payments for checking/savings or credit/debit cards

Due to the new billing due date of the 15th, the recurring automatic payments will now be processed on the 15th or the next business day.

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