Lead Service Line Inventory

Lead Service Line Inventory 

The Environment Protection Agency has established new rules requiring the District to inventory all public and private water lines in all of the District systems by October of 2024.  The District needs your help complying with the new federal EPA water system requirements.

Staff has already started the process of inventorying the public watermains and lines (on the District side of the meter) but we need your help identifying the materials on all private service lines (lines from the meter to your home or business).

If your home was built before 1986, and you know what material your water service line is made of (for example, PVC, poly, galvanized steel, lead, copper, etc.), please contact our office by email or phone with the information listed below.  Email: service@valleywaterdistrict.com or call: 253-841-9698.

 Your service address

The year your home was built

The year your service line was installed or replaced

The material your service line is made of (PVC, poly, galvanized steel, lead, copper)

 The Clean Water Act banned lead in drinking water pipes in 1986, therefore homes built after 1986 are unlikely to have lead in their service lines. The District is very confident that none of the public watermains or service lines contain lead due to the age of the systems and due to our experience with repairing and maintaining the lines since 1993.  The District has never discovered any lead materials in any of the systems.

 Thank you for helping the District comply with the EPA requirement.