New billing due dates & Autopayment Information

Billing Policy Updated for 2024!

The District and the Board of Commissioners have reviewed the current billing policies and determined that changes should be made to create more consistency and time for customers to pay their bill on time. 

Bills will now be due on the 15th with a grace period until the end of the month before any late penalty is added.  

New Billing Policy Schedule:

S Current Bill: Due 15th of the month.

S Past Due Notice: 10% Late penalty is charged if payment is not received by the last day of the month the bills are due.

 S Termination Notice: $20.00 fee charged if payment is still not received by the 9th of the next month after the billing due date.

 S Disconnection: If payment is still not received by the 19th of the month (following the termination notice) the water meter may be locked and the $50 fee charged on the 20th.

Recurring payments - Automatic Payments for checking/savings or credit/debit cards

Due to the new billing due date of the 15th, the recurring automatic payments will now be processed on the 15th or the next business day.